Around The World, With Shread Ready!

I have recently returned home to Australia from a crazy round the world tour of White water.
My Journey began when I got signed to the Team early in the Season.

My First international Destination was BC where we started a stout Tour down the West coast.
First stop was Sutherland Falls, Then Upper Lewis, then Metlako.
Great way to start the Season with a bang!

Next Up we Headed to California, paddling a bunch of the Classics. It was in Cali that my season slowed down a level. I had allot of fired to get on the Biggest stuff I could but after a couple of extremely quick runs down some high water (and low water) classics I witnessed some scary stuff go down on the river and decided to slow my charge rate down a little.

After Cali, my best friend Max and I headed back to Beautiful British Columbia. I worked as a raft guide in Whistler and enjoyed everything the Summer had to offer, Ashlu Box, Callahan all the Classics!

After an unforgettable summer in BC, I headed South Again, This time to Colombia. I was only there for 4 week which was a painfully short time. Colombia is full of rivers, first descent expeditions, beautiful people and amazing fruit!

After a extremely long transit I made it back to my Motherland of Australia. I am going to base out of the Adventure Capital of Cairns for the upcoming season as I work on a major expedition. My biggest, craziest idea to date. (I’m Kinda scared) Stay Tuned….

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