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    We're Ready to Shred!

    We're über-stoked to announce that our 2016 Water Helmets are available at Shred Ready and with our Dealers! Thanks to all of our patient customers, who have been eagerly waiting for their new helmets - we'll have you ready-to-shred very soon.

    In addition to our 2016 helmet lineup, we have added some awesome accessories to diversify your shred portfolio.

    Thanks for your continued support! Please contact us with questions on how to get yourself "Shred-Ready."



    Shred Ready is Back in the Boat!

    Shred Ready is Back in the Boat!

    We're back! And we are VERY excited to be producing helmets again....

    After over a year of taxing “production portages”, we're now metaphorically back in the boat and bringing back all of the classic SR Helmets, and even some new offerings.

    For the summer of 2016, Shred Ready will be offering new versions of all our classic ABS helmet models: Sesh, Supper Scrappy and the Standards (Half Cut, Full Cut and Full Face). This year, we've updated the Sesh with universal sizing and a bomber rear adjuster. We're also introducing a new model, the “Outfitter Pro”, which is an affordable option with three sizes and four color options.

     Fret not – all composite models, such as the popular Tdub and Shaggy, are next in the line-up for production with expected availability for the 2017 season. Also, stay tuned for new accessories, as we'll be bringing you more options to keep you ready-to-shred!

    Thanks for continually supporting Shred Ready!!